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Welcome on random-website.com ! Here, you will be able to access any online site by a simple click on the big button on the homepage of the site.

The site is chosen in a totally random way: you can just as easily come across a web giant like Amazon, Netflix or YouTube (to name a few), your grandmother's site who likes to share her recipes for endive quiche and meat pie, blogs in a language you don't understand, or craftsmen's sites who simply want to share their creations and their know-how.

How to use it ?

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Press the button

Magic happend

You have been redirected to a random website

I myself made a lot of discoveries during my tests and I still spend a lot of time discovering new websites over and over again (sometimes to the detriment of my productivity I must admit...).

The web being what it is, it naturally cannot control all its contents. random-website.com thus asks to be more than 18 years old and recommends the use of protections such as the use of a VPN or the deactivation of javascript, although it is not compulsory (free to you to follow our recommendations).

Hoping you will enjoy getting lost on my site, I think it's time to wish you many exciting and enriching discoveries in this funny adventure of the fabulous world that is the internet.


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