Frequently asked questions

Why did you make random website ?

This site has been designed with the simple and unique goal of satisfying (as much as possible) the inexhaustible curiosity and thirst for discovery of Internet users. You can spend hours and hours here before coming back to the same site twice.

The idea for this site initially came to me in 2013, when I started web programming. However, various technical constraints forced me to postpone it ..... And it is only during the lockdown of March 2020 and the free time granted that I decided to realize it. Originally, I imagined the site as an "all directions" sign that you can find on the road, but for the web. And so was born this strange site, full of adventure and suspense.

But how does this site work ?

You will see, nothing could be simpler: once on the site, click on the central button; a new tab will then open on your web browser with a random site inside that you will have to discover.

Once your visit to the site is over, close this new tab and you are back on the site. You are now ready to click again on the button to continue your discoveries.

A real adventure that can be repeated endlessly!

Who designed random-web chan from the homepage?

Fahlkro did it, you can find his instagram here

What to do if something goes wrong ?

If you ever encounter any problem, a report page has been specially created to collect and correct the various problems that users may encounter on my site. You just have to write an e-mail address with the type of problem and a short description of it or you can talk about it directly on the discord server of the community

What about legal information ?

To consult the legal information concerning the website, I invite you to go directly to the legal notice page where you will find all the information you need to know if you feel like it.

What is the color of an orange?